In focus

  • GL promotion catalogue

    Our own selection of products made from recycled and biodegradable materials: pens, pencils, office items, bags and umbrellas, home items, textile, leather etc. http://www.ivel.org/glbook/index.html

  • CALENDARS 2013

    Collection 3-mont calendars, desk calendars, notebooks and diary, printed on 100% recycled paper   https://greenlinebg.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/GL_kalendari.pdf

  • Forest collection

    Еlegant design and recycled paper – latest solution of wall calendars for work and with painting, desc calendars and diaires. Attractive cardboards wich looks like wood. Ask for pictures and prices.

  • COPI’S 2012

    The latest trends and innovations  in the field of  Advertising, Design, Visual Communications, Sign Industry, Photography, Printing, Promotional products were presented by leading Bulgarian and foreign companies. On IVEL style M’s both was shown interesting ecofriendly items: calendars, diaries, folders from recycled paper, bags from grass, banana leafs and stone paper. Very atractive was branded […]

  • New

    Italian design in remarcable eco bag made from recycled felt and recycled natural leather. Free 4-color print with order of 200 pcs.

  • Citizen Green

    Lates eco catalogue on your attention – Citizen Green. More atractive items you can fined in on-line catalogue http://issuu.com/boomerangsas/docs/bewear_2012?mode=window&printButtonEnabled=false&shareButtonEnabled=false&searchButtonEnable

  • Dopper

    Planet – Only 20% of all PET-bottles collected at designated collection locations is actually recycled. One Dopper saves some 40 one-way-use bottles that would otherwise be burned or end up in plastic soup in our seas and oceans. The Dopper is produced in the Netherlands with a zero net carbon footprint and is free of […]

  • Earth and other little things

    Eco vision by PRODIR

  • Creano tea

    Accompany us into the world of Abloom-Tea. Let yourself be tempted by the beauty of our Abloom-Tea which is unique in the world in its individuality and exclusivness. Jasmine, Lilly and other fine blossoms turn this Abloom-Tea with its delicate taste into a unique work of art which, by its exciting infusion ceremony, turns every […]

  • Water save

    SIMPLE REDUCTION OF CONSUMPTION This unnecessary water and energy consumption can simply be reduced by half. With the Lieventum water conserver: a simple looking component, which can be mounted without a hitch in every tap (M22 and M24).